Human Emulator Studio Demo (based on Chromium)

To run the Human Emulator Studio demo, you MUST install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 and the Visual C++ Redistributable package for Visual Studio 2015 x86 on your computer.

Human Emulator Studio Demo Limitations

  • displays a message at start and exit
  • managing work with proxy servers
  • keyboard and mouse event emulation commands
  • restarting the application under load
  • captchas recognition with sound disabled
  • multithreading disabled
  • displays a message every 3 hours when the script is running
  • manage file downloads from the Internet
  • manage file uploads to the Internet
  • removed the runtime version of the program
  • does not minimize to the system tray (Tray)
  • a disconnected connection object

Human Emulator Free (based on Internet Explorer)

Differences from the paid versions

  • Technical support only on the forum
  • Only one program window starts
  • Work in one thread only
  • The version does not change and errors in it are not corrected
  • The presence of built-in advertising
  • No RT and Unicode versions
  • Work only through PHP, there is no functionality to work through C# and Java Script
  • Work only with IE browsers up to Internet Explorer 11
  • Below the instruction execution speed
  • The built-in browser is not optimized
  • There is no functionality to work with fingerprints (fingerprints) browser
  • Errors can occur when working with sites with JS curves
  • Higher CPU load when recognizing commands
  • Much worse work with memory
  • and much more