Human Emulator Runtime(RT)

What is Human Emulator Runtime (RT)?

Many of our clients have noticed that the folder with Human Emulator or Human Emulator Studio has long had another exe file with the abbreviation RT XWeb Human Emulator MT RT.exe and XWeb Human Emulator Studio RT.exe. Unfortunately, not everyone knows why this version of the program is needed. In this article, we will talk about it in detail.

What is Human Emulator Runtime (RT)?

This is a special stripped-down Runtime version of the program that disables all unnecessary interface elements. This version is recommended when working in multithreaded mode.

Human Emulator Studio Runtime (RT) window

Why do I need a Runtime version of the program?

The Runtime (RT) version was created in order to optimize the program’s work with scripts in multithreaded mode and remove all unnecessary loads on the system. Because with a large number of simultaneously running versions of the program, system resources were spent on rendering various dialogs and panels, which are not necessary when working with already written and fully debugged scripts. This version has no restrictions on functionality and can execute any scripts written in the full version of the program.

Separate RT version packages.

Not so long ago, the Runtime (RT) version was separated into separate packages and is now sold to all customers who already have any human Emulator Studio, Human Emulator, or Human Emulator Studio Single license. You can buy the package you need in the user panel.

You can also deliver this version to your clients along with your own scripts to all script developers.

This process looks like this: the developer buys a suitable package for the number and price of Runtime versions – 1, 5, 10, 20 licenses. The larger the package, the cheaper it is. And then grants the license to your client. Activation is performed in the developer dashboard in a separate table with Runtime licenses. The developer determines the price for the RT version for their clients.

Table with RT versions in the user panel

For more information about how you can earn with Human Emulator, see our blog article about how to start earning with Human Emulator

Read more about version of the Human Emulator in Wiki.

Few ways for a programmer to make money using the Human Emulator.

Few ways for a programmer to make money using the Human Emulator.

Human Emulator is a very universal program covering a huge number of special features for browser automation.
The program uses scripts to work. Scripts automate any actions in built-in browser of the program and any actions with databases, FTP, folders, files, etc. They can be used for navigate to a specific website, to fill a lot of web forms, scraping specific data from websites, automated account creation, data mining, website testing, periodical report generation and much more. With just a few lines of code, the simplest scripts can nevertheless be tremendously time-saving. And they developing in most popular programming languages – PHP, C#, Python and Java Script(Node.js). Each script represents a php(c#, python or java script) file containing a list of commands that need to be executed by the Human Emulator so that the desired automated action could be achieved. And if you have base skills of PHP, C#, Python or Java Script programming languages you will don’t have any hard with the program.

human emulator studio

How a programmer can make money with the Human Emulator?

  1. Custom scripts development.
  2. Sale of your own scripts.
  3. Sale of your own applications.

Custom the Human Emulator scripts development.

Custom script development is the process of creating scripts for a specific set of users or organizations. We are often asked to advise developers of the Human Emulator scripts and at the moment we have several verified contacts of developers. On forums and freelance sites you can also find developers ready to write scripts for the Human Emulator to order. But still the demand for such work exceeds the number of performers. Therefore, we also work with all those who wish to become a script developer and make money on it.

Sale of your own the Human Emulator scripts.

This way is similar to custom scripts development, but instead of developing a script for one client, you put up your script for sale to many clients and get money from each sale.

Sale of your own applications based on the Human Emulator features.

Create your own software program based on features of the Human Emulator and then sell it to get your retribution. The advantage of this way is that you do the job once, but you keep making money at the expense of the work. Using of the Human Emulator features in your own application will allow you to safe a many time for developing because you will get access to features which develop during more than ten years.

Affiliate of webemulator.

Also you can become an affiliate of webemulator and will get a 20% commission on sales you generate. details

Contact us if you want to make money using the Human Emulator.

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