Human Emulator is based on Internet Explorer browser with the ability to create scripts in PHP, Python, C # and Java Script for automate any actions in it. The program acts in the same way as an ordinary user in the browser. It can manage mouse and keyboard and have full control for browser settings. This product has been on the market for more than 10 years and has set up itself as a reliable and powerful automation tool.

Human Emulator Studio is a new line of our products. The principle of the program is exactly the same as in the Human Emulator. You create scripts in one of the programming languages: in PHP, Python, C #, or Java Script and run it in the program. Studio, in contrast to the usual Human Emulator, in which the Internet Explorer browser is embedded, is developed on the base of the Chromium browser. This engine is used for browsers such as Chrome and the latest versions of Opera.
This product line has a large set of useful tools that greatly simplify the creation of scripts (scripts) of automation. The Studio has a built-in PHP debugger, a Macros, which records your actions and a Code Helper, with the help of which it is easy to modify scripts created by Macros.
The program works with page elements via XPath, makes screenshots in PDF and has all the functionality that was available in the previous lines.

Working with both products is similar and if you have mastered one of them, it means that you can work in the other. The difference between them is, first of all, the built-in browser and the differences in functionality and additional tools. More details about the differences can be found in the product comparison table below.

Comparison table of our products.

Human Emulator

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Human Emulator
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Built-in browser Internet Explorer Chromium CEF(Chrome)
Supported programming languages PHP, C#, Java Script, Python PHP, C#, Java Script, Python
Macros for record a user actions
Code Helper
Built-in PHP Script Debugger
Control real mouse and keyboard
Control mouse and keyboard through event transfer
Automation pop-up windows
Manage unique browser fingerprints
Support http, https proxies and socks 4, 4/5, 5
Manage upload/download files
File Download Dashboard
Support Flash, Silverlight, Java, Flex
Work with page elements in a browser using XPath
Manage built-in browser settings
Work with databases
Work with FTP
Work with folders and files TXT, CSV, etc
Management of external devices and windows
Work with network cards, ADSL and 3G modems
Work with captcha using various recognition services
Work with any PHP API online services
Saving Screenshots
Runs in the background (Tray)
Definition of elements by computer vision

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