FAQ the human emulator

Q: What is the Human Emulator?

Human Emulator is a web browser automation software. It allows users to build PHP, C#, Java Script or Python scripts that complete any web-based actions. The scripts are created via a Script Editor inside the Human Emulator or can created in any text editor. Then the script is run in the program and all actions complete in built-in browser(Internet Explorer or Chromium).

Q: What actions can the Human Emulator perform?

  • Full any user actions emulation on the website.
  • Any combination of browsing, filling of web forms, clicking, and information parsing can be automate with the Human Emulator.
  • Auto-fill forms, text boxes, and other elements on any website like a human.
  • Extract and sorting data(the prices, analytics, keywords, images, products etc.) and report generation. Parsing any data with possibility of saving in various formats.
  • Full automation of social networks.
  • Website promotion automation. Automation any SEO tasks. Filling the site (blog, online store etc) by content.
  • Website testing by user emulation.

Q: How it works?

You create scripts in one of the supported programming languages (PHP, Python, C# or Java Script) and run it in the program. All actions execute in built-in browser. For creating scripts you can use the Macros or the Code Helper. The Macros tool using for record your actions in built-in browser and the Code Helper tool using for add to scripts actions like as read files, loops, enable proxy, recognize captcha etc.

Q: The Human Emulator editions.

The Human Emulator is based on Internet Explorer browser and the Human Emulator Studio is based on Chromium (CEF) browser. The different Human Emulator editions have different system requirements. Also for Studio there are two versions: Human Emulator Studio and Human Emulator Studio Single. The difference between these versions is Studio multithreaded, and Studio Single single-threaded.

Q: What is Human Emulator multithreading?

One thread is one running exe program. In the multi-threaded version, the number of exe runs is limited only by the capacity of your computer. In each exe you run a script. Each exe has its own settings, such as proxy, browser prints, browser window sizes, useragent string, accepts, etc.

Q: The Human Emulator Studio system requirements.

Minimum requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 / Athlon 64 or later CPU with SSE2, 512Mb RAM, 500Mb HDD, Windows 7 and higher, x64 (64-bit), Internet access.

Recommended requirements:
For optimal performance of the program, you need high-speed Internet access, 2 Gb RAM + GPU.

Also, the program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 and Visual C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015 x86 and x64.

Q: The Human Emulator system requirements.

Minimum requirements:
Pentium IV, 512Mb RAM, 500Mb HDD, Windows Vista and higher, Internet access.

Recommended requirements:
For optimal performance of the program, you need high-speed Internet access, as well as the more RAM, the better.

For stable operation of the program, it is required that Internet Explorer 11 be installed on your computer.