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会计 X 小型企业

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2023 4:45 am
by ashrafwha56
创业并不容易,小企业主一直承受着巨大的市场竞争压力,除了不断变化,无论是消费者的行为方式、新技术的出现、新的沟通方式、营销策略,除其他因素外。他们一直在寻找方法为目标受众提供证据,使自己在竞争中处于领先地位,并作为一家财务可持续且非常成功的公司保持领先地位。大多数这些企业家都希望他们的会计师成为真正的合作伙伴,帮助他们应对所有这些挑战。 SEBRAE 在 2016 年进行的一项调查证明了这一点,该调查表明


然而,随着这些公司规模的增长,企业家年龄的增长和他们的教育水平的提高——因此,知识水平的提高——这种忠诚度会大大降低。而这也是因为这些创业者中的很多人最终更换了会计服务提供商,因为他们之前的会计师“没有给他们主动的公司成长建议,只是提供被动的服务”。 SEBRAE 团队就涉及与会计师关系的各种因素采访了全国 6,000 多家小企业主,发现这些公司对会计师事务所提供的服务有着巨大的需求。

然而,很少有会计企业家意识到时代已经变了,他们可能会极大地改 whatsapp 手机号码列表 变客户的生活。更重要的是,客户在调查中表示他们愿意为会计师支付更多费用以在其业务运营中发挥积极作用。

让我们多了解一下 SEBRAE 调查的工作原理。

完整查看 SEBRAE 调查: “MSE 与会计师之间的关系”



当被问及小企业主期望会计师提供的服务类型时,除了基本的税务和簿记之外,超过 60% 的受访者表示他们希望会计师更多地参与业务规划并提供建议。战略计划,有效担任商业顾问。这些企业家中有 54%表示他们愿意为这些服务支付比现在高出 20% 以上的费用。

The Role of WhatsApp Mobile Number Lists in Remote Work and Collaboration

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2023 5:52 am
by sakibnazmus2121
messaging app that allows users to communicate through text, voice, and video calls. One of the features of the app is the ability to create and use mobile number lists, which whatsapp mobile number list can have benefits whatsapp mobile number list and limitations.
Benefits of Using WhatsApp Mobile Number Lists:


Efficient Communication: By using a mobile number list, you can send messages to a group of people at once. This is particularly useful for businesses and organizations that need to communicate with a large number of people quickly and efficiently.
Cost-Effective: Using WhatsApp to communicate with a mobile number list is often cheaper than traditional methods of communication, such as SMS or phone calls.
Real-Time Communication: WhatsApp messages are delivered in real-time, meaning that recipients can receive and respond to messages quickly. This can be useful in emergency situations or when time-sensitive information needs to be shared.
Increased Engagement: By communicating with people through WhatsApp, you can increase engagement and foster a sense of community. This can be particularly useful for businesses looking to build relationships with their customers.

Limitations of Using WhatsApp Mobile Number Lists:
Limited Reach: WhatsApp mobile number lists are limited to the people who have opted-in to receive messages. This means that businesses may struggle to reach new audiences through the app.
Risk of Spam: WhatsApp has strict rules around sending unsolicited messages. If you send messages to people who have not opted-in to receive them, you risk being reported as spam.
Limited Message Length: WhatsApp messages are limited to 4096 characters. This can make it difficult to communicate complex information or convey nuanced messages.
Limited Customization: WhatsApp mobile number lists offer limited customization options. For example, you cannot send personalized messages to individual recipients or segment your audience based on their interests or behaviors.

In conclusion, using WhatsApp mobile number lists can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations looking to communicate with their audience quickly and efficiently. However, it's important to be aware of the limitations of the app, such as limited reach and message length, to ensure that you're using it effectively. By understanding the benefits and limitations of WhatsApp mobile number lists, you can make informed decisions about how to use the app to meet your communication needs.