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Script request

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 2:30 pm
by support
Here you can request a free script. Creating a request means that you agree to the following rules:
  • The script will perform one action, for example: parsing some data, registering, filling out a form, etc.
  • The script is in no way associated with any illegal activities: DDOS attacks, spam, hacking, spreading viruses, click-scanners, etc.
  • Scripts will be posted in the section "Scripts Human Emulator". If you need a script on individual conditions, please contact the script developers.
  • Script development will be done at the discretion of our team. The more interesting the script request, the higher its priority in the queue.
For each script, create a separate post. The post name should reflect what the script will do, for example:

Parser of photos with * site name *.
Registration * name *
Filling out the form in *name*

In the post you paint in detail, preferably step by step, what the script should do and with what data and in what format it will work.