G2 Summer 2022 Report Emarsys Leads the Way in Loyalty & Implementation

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G2 Summer 2022 Report Emarsys Leads the Way in Loyalty & Implementation

Post by noyon608 » Tue Dec 20, 2022 7:33 am

G2 the respected peer-review site for tech software and services, collects data from a large number of users. As you may know by now, every three months, G2 places that data under a microscope to rank the listed companies (like Emarsys) and report on visible trends. These reports are based on feedback and reviews from real clients who use the software day in and day out. We are humbled and honored by our wonderful clients because, for Summer 2022, G2 has once again positioned Emarsys as an industry leader. We’ve been acknowledged in more than a dozen categories, most notably in the Loyalty Grid and Implementation Index. Here are just a few of the honors we received from G2 and, by extension, our clients: in the Loyalty Grid, continuing from our top-of-the-pack ranking in Spring.

Leader badges Implementation Index saw a consistent rise across all categories, reflecting the expertise of our Implementation teams and the fact that our customers are embracing our omnichannel approach Relationship Index – We’ve been making a successful transition to Phone number list working with enterprise-level brands and streamlining how we approach our work with mid-market brands Usability Index – we’re grateful that our customer-centric approach is helping our customers work quicker, more efficiently and more effectively in the Platform. G2 bases rankings on factors such as “ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend” all powerful ideals. Read on to see what we’re really talking about here. Feedback is crucial to our progress, especially in today’s world of rapid innovation and continuous fulfillment.


For brands to make progress at the speed of modern tech they need to define their objectives clearly and make sure they stay on track. How Enterprise Brands are Adopting Tech to Drive Revenue Traditionally, most enterprise retail companies have taken it as a point of pride to build a tech stack as high as the Himalayas. But we’ve seen a consolidation the last few years, especially among our enterprise clients. Reducing the number of systems you use has a direct correlation with efficiency and productivity, not to mention profitability.. Marketers think that they need more solutions to solve more problems, but the reality is that more tech often creates more problems than existed before. Successful enterprises – at least the ones we work with like Nike, Puma and Pizza Hut – use a single solution to handle all cross-channel customer engagement.

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Re: G2 Summer 2022 Report Emarsys Leads the Way in Loyalty & Implementation

Post by socialmedia » Tue Dec 05, 2023 12:53 pm

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Re: G2 Summer 2022 Report Emarsys Leads the Way in Loyalty & Implementation

Post by Droidtutors » Wed Jan 24, 2024 1:19 pm

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