What can you do with Google Sheets/Excel?

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What can you do with Google Sheets/Excel?

Post by Reya321@ » Tue Jun 13, 2023 9:54 am

Using Google Sheets / Excel is not too strange because it does not cost anything. Simple interface, easy to use, can decentralize the owner of one person or share with many people to access at the same time. What's more, the file is automatically saved so you don't have to worry about interruptions due to power outages, you can also query the edit history as needed. Another utility of Google Sheets is that it can be used online or offline.


However, when the data is large and requires more operations and more professional processes, Google sheets begin to reveal many problems.

Overlapping customer data : The increased number of customers if they still use Google sheets to manage it, it is easy to cause a situation that is difficult to control, information is lost China WhatsApp Number List and scattered.
Error prone: Manually entered data by humans can cause shortages, errors. In addition, the Excel file cannot provide a comprehensive picture of business data, so it is difficult for businesses to get an overview of the operation.
Difficult to store customer business information: In the process of exchanging, collecting customer needs and order transactions, it will be difficult to use Google sheets. For example, you can enter information about the customer's name, customer phone number, delivery address.. However, about the exchange history during the consultation and care process, it is not possible to write details to the file. Excel. Moreover, in case sales quit, businesses will lose data exchanged with customers.
Low security: Excel is stored on a computer or a social network data warehouse, so it is easy to lose and leak information.
The utility of Google sheets cannot be denied. However, with the continuous development of digital technology and the diversity of sales channels. The increased number of customers, if they still keep the habit of using Google sheets, will make businesses lose more than they benefit. The problems mentioned above cost businesses a lot of time, effort and money. This affects the quality of work and causes high customer churn rate, low upsell rate due to unprofessional customer service process.

To improve this situation, you need to change the method. Instead of using Google sheets as your CRM, use a dedicated CRM tool. For example, Subiz - The new generation of CRM helps to manage science and build a professional sales process from Collect Leads > Create Opportunity > Convert to Account.

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