How to get gold fast in Diablo 4 - IGMeet D4 Gold farming methods

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How to get gold fast in Diablo 4 - IGMeet D4 Gold farming methods

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There are multiple different currencies and resources you'll need to stock up on as you play through Diablo 4, but by far, the most important one is Gold. Diablo 4 Gold is used frequently for almost everything, ranging from repairing and upgrading your gear to brewing elixir consumables, crafting gems, and extracting powerful Legendary Aspects. We've put together this guide that goes over all the best ways to get lots of Gold quickly. This includes information about the best Gold farm in the game right now, as well as several other tips and strategies you can take advantage of to make some serious bank.

Why farm gold in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, gold is a very important resource that lets players buy better gear or make their existing gear work better. It can also be used to fix things. This becomes very important when you face tough bosses and enemies, especially since the game gets harder as you play. Gold can also be useful when new items in the shop look good.

Activate Greed Shrines whenever you see them

These monolithic stone statues can occasionally be found in the world and in dungeons, and will temporarily make every enemy you hit drop Gold repeatedly.

Side Quests

In the Diablo 4 beta alone, there are 35 side quests. We expect that number to balloon tenfold when the full game launches this summer. These side quests, which don’t involve a huge time commitment, tend to reward players with a hefty stack of gold upon completion. Solving the Secret of the Spring riddle is a good example of this. Side quests are marked on the map as blue exclamation marks.

Level up in Renown.

Lots of activities in Diablo 4 grant Renown, from completing quests to unlocking new Diablo 4 map areas. Every Renown level you gain nets you a nice payday of 10,000 gold.

Taking Part In World Events

As Diablo 4 is online only, this RPG has many events that players can take part in together. These world events that can be found while exploring Sanctuary are the key way of making Murmuring Obols, another type of currency that is used in the RPG.

Besides this, players can still also make cold and completing these world events will reward them with a nice addition of gold. Thankfully, players don't need to rely on others being at the world event to complete it, and therefore it can even be enjoyed alone.

Side dungeons

In classic series fashion, dungeons are a surefire way to get gold fast in Diablo 4. Ideally, you’ll want to complete the dungeon by defeating the final boss and killing most, if not all, mobs. In the Diablo 4 beta -soon to go live with the server slam – there are 23 different dungeons, giving you plenty of opportunities to hoover up gold. A single dungeon can easily net you thousands

Selling Gear

Selling gear, the number one choice for gold farming, is easy and straightforward to do. Players receive far more gear than they could ever hope to use in Diablo 4, making it a no-brainer. Additionally, almost every settlement has a vendor ready to buy gear for sizable amounts at the press of a button.

The time investment when farming gold by selling gear is heavily dependent on whether you already have the gear, or are collecting it (more on that below). However, considering the hoarding tendencies of the average player, you might already have a stash full of shiny junk ripe for selling.

The only downside when using this method is that you'll sacrifice the crafting materials you would have gotten from salvaging, which means that ideally, you'll want to alternate how you dispose of extra gear.

Complete Every Dungeon and Cellar

Dungeons are a big part of any Diablo game. While most of those you find in Diablo 4 are optional, you’ll want to complete them for the class-specific upgrades many offer and open them up to being upgraded to Nightmare in the endgame. The boss at the end of each and the Elite enemies you fight are also great for loot and experience, and the gold you get along the way will be plentiful, especially from any chests you find as you explore.

Cellars are individual rooms with either a select group of mobs and an Elite or that contain a short Event, like protecting adventurers or killing specific enemies fast enough. Completing cellars awards a chest that will spit out some gold, and the monsters you kill will as well.

Explore the world

Diablo 4 has a big world. A lot of secrets are hidden here and there. Chests, dungeons, and cellars are straightforward, but players always ignore the small details, the breakable pots.

All gamers know that pots and crates in games always offer resources. Not much, but breaking a few pots with a single hit on your way to your objective is always worth it. Explore the world, and you will find that you can find gold in almost every corner of the world.

Another critical use of gold in Diablo games is for repairing gear. As players engage in battles with enemies, their equipment can become damaged and require repairs. These repairs can only be performed by Blacksmiths, who charge gold for their services. Without gold, players would be unable to maintain their gear, and their equipment would become unusable over time. If you are bored or don't have time to play coins please visit On the website you can Buy Cheap Diablo 4 Gold to enjoy the game better

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