Jayakanthan-The voice of reality ringing

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Jayakanthan-The voice of reality ringing

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The death of Jagai, who made a mark as a majestic and majestic writer in the world of Tamil literature, has given way to the talk of literature in the media.
His loud voice that instilled faith in society and humanity shook a generation. Jayakanthan is the one who made the literature that surrounded only the virgin lofts of princesses, knights flying on horses, office-going mothers, and middle-class people enraged by poverty, talk about the virtues of real life and the virtues of the common people. Not only the rickshaw pullers, Siddhars, cart drivers, adulterers, tyrants WhatsApp Number List
but also Sundara Kanapadis and aunties asking what to do came true in his writings. They spoke as voices echoing reality.
He broke the formal stereotypes held by the society for ages, saying that these things are nothing in passing and life will answer everything. The superiority of women

"A woman is not an individual as she sometimes thinks, but a part of society"

He wanted to combine communism and spirituality on the same platform. He exemplified the virtues of Indian tradition. He spoke about individual freedom more than fifty years ago. Because at that time people were bound in society, caste and groups . Ongi shook his head at how ridiculously individual morals and restraints are viewed in society's eyes. He lived as a person who had the communist ideologies and the simplicity of Gandhi together.

Criticisms of Jayakanthan include that he ultimately supported Sankara Math, Varnasiram, andHe also supported Tutuwa. He emphasized the heritage and mythology of India as superior to any other heritage in the world. In Jaya Jaya Sankara's book, he also emphasized the basic virtues and human virtues. It is to emphasize his superiority that I will not come to the place where he tells me to go away, which he says as the voice of Adi, looking at the society that told him to stay away, stay away.

He opposed false rational arguments. A communist like him definitely cannot accept superficial arguments. We see the absurdity of the atheistic argument emphasized by him in Tamil land today. The reason for today's social conflicts and inferiority is the result of talking nonsense on platforms without making people think rationally. This is what Jege singled out and emphasized.

The mind of a woman sitting on a window looking at the world, the thoughts of a woman looking for a man's true companion, the heart of a boy looking at the fall of a generation, the sly smile of Joseph who is chased away by everyone, the world of Henry, a symbol of the entire culture of the world, women are enslaved by Ramas and Ravanas, in the name of economic liberation.

Somu's inheritance, the desire to run away from the Himalayas as the earning machines, the desire to eat the Somu novel, the affection of the baby as a child, the uncle or the mother, the mother, the brush, the brush, the divers, the brush, the other is not the other relationship, the other relationship with the brush. , the rise of Kalyani, which is completed even by the rose plant,The real literary success is the intimate experiences that his works give as the protagonist's thoughts through Rishi looking at Idukhat's Agni.


"Don't entrust yourself to those who don't know how to respect you in the name of love, husband and father. They worship with earth and water and make it Lakshmigaram. The love of these butchers will be known when the time comes.”

Aren't such lucid arguments much needed in today's age of mass media, where young people are swayed by sexual attraction? Yes, that is the success of the literary man.
It is a tribute to Akkalaijan that his works, which have stood the test of time, are properly identified for today's generation.


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