The purchase and sale of real estate

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The purchase and sale of real estate

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For the purposes of the general interpretation, expenses incurred for the construction, expansion, addition, reconstruction or renovation of one's own residential building, part thereof or one's own residential premises are important. The following expenses constitute expenses for your own housing purposes.

Purchase of a gas stove, electric or gas-electric cooker, induction hob, ceramic hob, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, built-in or free-standing phone number list refrigerator, internal ceiling and wall lighting, including LED strips and halogen eyes, kitchen hoods Furniture permanently attached to the building (premises), made to individual order, i.e. built-in wardrobes, storage spaces, wardrobes and custom-made kitchen furniture It was also clarified that.


The purchase of "small household appliances" such as a coffee machine, toaster, toaster, microwave oven cannot constitute expenses for own housing purposes . If any doubtful issues have not been clarified in the general interpretation in question, the only option left is to submit an application for an individual interpretation. Real estate sales – summary is associated with specific obligations under the Income Tax Act. Selling real estate within 5 years of its purchase very often requires settling the income from the sale. In such a case, the tax is 19% and the sale should be settled in the annual PIT-39 return.

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Re: The purchase and sale of real estate

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