Top 10: the tiktokers with the most followers in the world (2023)

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Top 10: the tiktokers with the most followers in the world (2023)

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No one doubts the great success that TikTok has amassed. The Chinese short video app has managed to become the center of inspiration and entertainment for millions of young people around the world in a very short time. And among all of them there is an outstanding group, those most followed TikTokers in the world who, with their content, achieve greater influence.

The 10 tiktokers with the most followers in the world
These are the tiktokers with the most followers, taking as reference the data reflected in the Digital 2023 study prepared by We Are Social and updating them as.

top most followed tiktokers in the world 2023
We must highlight that the cells that Email Data do not present the variation rate data correspond to new additions to the list. Because of this, we do not know the follower numbers for those accounts from the previous year, which prevents us from making the calculation. Now, let's get to know in depth the most followed tiktokers in the world in 2023!

1. Khabane Lame
This Senegalese influencer, residing in Italy, has become one of the main creators of viral content on the internet. His humor videos of him making fun of people's complications in everyday issues are all over social media. With around 154.5 million followers (an impressive 21.65% more than in 2022) he rises from second to first place in this ranking.


With 149.7 million , this American TikToker is the second influencer with the most followers within the famous short video social network. It is mainly dedicated to sharing content related to dances, trends or reactions, among other things . She began her activity on TikTok in 2019, quickly gaining fame within the community, and since mid-2020 she has positioned herself as the most followed influencer on the platform, something that has changed this year.

Taylor Nariee, better known as Bella Poarch , is an example of reinvention through social media. Former US Navy soldier, this influencer of Filipino origin achieved fame in 2020. After entering the platform she began to gain followers, and in 2021 she ventured into music with her single Build a Bitch, which quickly became a viral song within the application. Currently, she has 92.8 million followers on TikTok, thanks to which she has amassed 2.2 billion likes.

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