Start experimenting with 3D animation

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Start experimenting with 3D animation

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Influenced by his artist mother and a very creative family, Joseph grew up with a healthy artistic stimulus. He became interested in 2D animation and learned to use Flash and Powerpoint to develop some clips, but as he grew older he became more interested in graphic design and illustration, which led him to enroll at Kingston University in London. After graduating and not finding as many opportunities in the world of illustration and fine art, he looked to the work of creators such as Jeff Koons, Hokusai, Andrei Tarkovsky, Björk, Issey Miyake, Peter Saville, AG Cook and Andrzej Żuławski, to : "something clicked and I started working more and more, now my practice is more or less 50% animation and 50% illustration". Currently, his work borrows many elements from Werner Herzog, especially his black humor and the German director's ability to create a strange meeting point between reality and the theatrical scene.

Animation with Procreate and photo retouching service After Effects, by illustrator Joseph Melhuish 4 Joseph Melhuish Joseph finds inspiration from people, as much of his work focuses on character; a lot of his insights come from people-watching when he's out and about or even analyzing Boiler Room streams or Instagram stories: "sometimes it's someone's hair style, or clothing, or something they say, that it becomes a fun starting point to work from. I try to imagine the character's personality as I draw them. " Joseph Melhuish tells us about how he works and his creative process when facing a commission: 1. Ideas and sketches Once Joseph receives the brief for the assignment, he starts making quick sketches in Procreate and taking notes on his iPad: " It's great to work in Procreate because you can take sections of drawings and rework them without having to be too picky about the details.


He works on these sketches around half a day, so that he can choose 2 or 3 ideas that he will present to the client: "I never show ideas that I don't like, because clients with ignorance always end up going for the option that you hate" . Animation with Procreate and After Effects, by illustrator Joseph Melhuish 7 Sketch of a project with Red Bull Music Academy 2. Perfecting the idea to take it to 3D Once Joseph and his client agree on the visual aspect, he goes on to refine the sketch to a point where he can use it as a reference to start the 3D image: " This part is very important, because I can play with the scale , proportion and abstraction without wasting time. But if I skip this step, I might end up stuck on the final image playing with it, trying to make it look more natural for hours.

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