The 2 second mark on the timeline

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The 2 second mark on the timeline

Post by bkhairul01 » Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:10 am

Now, if you double-click on the logo file, a new tab will open and take you to this new composition, with all the separate layers you had set up in Illustrator. Now you can see how compositions work they look like nested folders. You can also convert each of these layers into a full-fledged composition by right-clicking and selecting Pre-Composition . This will cause the selected layer to have a separate animation timeline nested within the previous composition. And if you want to animate the whole logo at once, you just have to use the timeline associated with the main composition.

Now let's see how these timelines work photo retouching service and create an animation. Step 4 Animate the keyframes The way After Effects (and most animation software) works is based on keyframes. Keyframes are markers you set along the timeline to identify the start and end states of your animation. To start, let's take a very simple animation as an example a fade-in. There are various attributes attached to an object, and attributes that change over a set period of time are essentially animation. To see these attributes, click the expand icon next to the logo comp, then click the Transform property.


Screenshot of Adobe After Effects timeline panel Create keyframes by clicking the stopwatch icon next to properties in the timeline panel To create a fading animation, the best is to play on the opacity, that is to say the attribute that influences the visibility of an object. The opacity is set to 100% because by default the logo is fully visible. Click the stopwatch icon next to Opacity to make a diamond appear wherever your playhead marker (the blue line that runs through the timeline) has been set. This is a keyframe, i.e. a snapshot of the current value of the specified attribute. Move the keyframe by clicking on it and then dragging it to Drag the playhead to the 0 second mark, then create another keyframe, and set the opacity to 0%. Then press the spacebar to preview the animation in the composition window.

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