Illustrated product packaging mockup design

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Illustrated product packaging mockup design

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This will let you, for example, use layer masks to create scrolling animations on a phone photo to recreate how a mobile app works. Necessary tools photography equipment Photo editing software (Photoshop, Serif Photo, Gimp) Animation software (optional — Adobe After Effects) Cost Moderate to high Advantages Allows you to create more personalized models that are more faithful to the concept of the designer Original images, no watermark or need to buy licenses Disadvantages Costly in time and effort, requires more advanced software knowledge Inefficient and time-consuming.

Create reusable mockup templates — Custom mockup templates are mockups that designers create themselves, but are general enough to reuse for multiple projects. As we pointed out above, creating custom mockups for each project can photo retouching service be cumbersome and expensive, while this technique can create both original and reusable mockups, thus reducing costs. It is also a way for the designer to add their own branding or signature. Mobile app design mockup showing a person using an iPhone in a coffee shop The background of this mockup has personality while being general enough to reuse. Design by googa The process for creating mockup templates is essentially the same as creating custom mockups you need photos and a retouching program to add your design to them.


However, the approach is not the same your model must be general enough to work with several projects and clients. For example, instead of using an identifiable backdrop, designer Daria V. chooses illustrated backgrounds that can be used in multiple contexts. Design by Daria V. Illustrated product packaging mockup design Design by Daria V. Also think about grouping your clients according to common themes, such as their industry (for example, you can create a mockup template by industry). This then makes it easier for you when you need to select the images. For physical products, some graphic designers create renders of blank products using 3D software such as Adobe Dimension This has the added benefit of allowing you to create animated and rotating mockups.

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