Professional arena with the unsurpassed

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Professional arena with the unsurpassed

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American photographer Edward Weston sold in for dollars a figure to which about five zeros were added forty years later. As for advertising and commerce omnipotent and omnipresent in later years in that still innocent decade they were a red flag for every creator. The right minded the artist had to separate his position and the photographer his work from these suspicious companies. Art and photography still lived within the charming dominance of European modernism and its moral principles. Even the photographic technology was discreet and all the however limited innovations served the photographer and his work in the best possible way without impressive drumbeats.

Polaroid had not yet released its famous SX model e-commerce photo editing which in the following decade was to overturn the established unlimited reproducibility of the photographic negative with the uniqueness of the copies for the benefit of newcomers to the art gallery photography game. The traditional brands were improving their products Leica was releasing the telemetric M just an improved version of the legendary M while Nikon was entering the Nikon F the first of a series of rugged reflex cameras. However it was about substantial improvements and not about revolutionary upheavals. Color was not yet technically perfected to invade professional and artistic photography.


Even the commemorative photos were black and white and their sizes were infinitely smaller than today's. Artistic photographs did not easily exceed X cm and souvenirs were based on X. The gigantism and competitive sensationalism of the following decades hopelessly multiplied these dimensions so that photographs in moderation were almost the norm. And if even in the s black and white ensured the specificity of photography compared to painting or advertising in the years that followed and based on the hierarchies that changed color became the desired element that on the contrary underlined possible affinities. The decade of the s was not only for photography but for the entire culture in the Western world at the time a bright era. The terror and horror of war had begun to be forgotten.

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