Transferred his talent for creating

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Transferred his talent for creating

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Even then he was well versed in lighting devices collaborated and was friends with the surrealist photographer Man Ray. The baron belonged to the circle of creative bohemia among his friends were Coco Chanel Salvador Dali Pablo Picasso surrealists Paul Eluard and Jean Cocteau. He had a good art education. His innovation in fashion photography was that GeuningenHühne was one of the first to try to move away from the world of static glamour. The immobility of the poses was forced since the technical possibilities of that time did not allow photography to be dynamic. He also moved away from the blurry image of the pictoralists and gave the photographs razorsharp clarity. The film was very grainy. When we zoomed in on a small image it looked unprofessional recalls the photographer.

Models had to freeze in one position for a long time in front of e-commerce photo editing large cameras due to long exposure. It was exhausting. I tried to solve these technical difficulties and bring a sense of life to fashion photography. Spent a few years experimenting. The innovation of GoningenHühne also consisted in the fact that he cut off everything superfluous in the frame. To make the shot look alive it captured the transition from one movement to another. He spent hours improvising with studio lighting schemes to give the model maximum naturalness he was the first to introduce male models into the frame. His photographs became vying with print top fashion magazines the period from to was a landmark in the work of the photographer he became the best in his industry. His resounding success was followed by his personal disillusionment with fashion photography.


He talks about this at a lecture he gave to students at the Arts Center School in Pasadena where he taught for some time. The photographer was outraged by the new fashion for models with a sluggish look of fish. He urged photographers to understand that women are not alabaster statues but individuals each with their own individuality. The photographer images to cinema. He started working as a lighting coordinator. You can appreciate his virtuoso sense of color and light on the example of the painting A Star Is Born with Judy Garland in the title role. Georgy GoiningenHühne literally juggled his talents he photographed made films became interested in traveling from which he brought a series of pictures. The photographer released collection albums Hellas Egypt Mexican heritage Baalbek and Palmyra. He strove for the timelessness of his works tried to find a balance thanks to which the charm of the paintings of artists does not disappear over the years.

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