Comedic references to the action

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Comedic references to the action

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Larry and Richard colleagues and friends after noticing a financial fraud and embezzlement of two million dollars turn to boss Bernie Lomax in the hope of receiving encouragement. The guys do not realize that Bernie himself turned the scam. To get rid of unwanted witnesses the boss invites Larry and Richard to his oceanfront mansion and hires a hitman. But the local mobster having learned that his girlfriend is cheating on him with Bernie kills him himself. The guys want to tell the police everything but the guests start to gather for the party. Larry and Richard decide if it's safer to pass off Bernie as alive. The director took on a strange plot from whom they definitely did not expect such a comedy. Ted Kotcheff previously directed Rambo First Blood. There are several movie in the comedy.

For the role of two friends Kotcheff invited young not e-commerce photo editing too famous actors Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman. The role of the same Bernie who is more alive than all the dead was played by actor Terry Kaiser. In the s Kaiser was known for his roles in TV series. What kind of manipulations are not performed with his body passing off Bernie as a living person. In one scene a stunt double who performed a dangerous stunt broke several ribs. Fans are delighted with the smirk that never leaves the face of the dead Bernie. It is considered especially chic to notice the scene where the actor fools around and winks it turns out that there are such in the film but they can only be noticed upon careful viewing.


The picture has no restrictions for viewing despite the status of a black comedy all the jokes are completely harmless. Weekend at Bernie's makes you think about how selfabsorbed people are. Relations among Bernie are so superficial that the guests are not even able to suspect that something is wrong with a friend. If you have a posh house filled with fun who cares about your problems let alone death. The main trinity of actors also starred in the second part of the film Kaiser McCarthy and Silverman. The director was the screenwriter of the first part Robert Klein. Fans think she came out weaker but the performance of the comedy trio saves the day.

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