Should have wanted to be a teacher

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Should have wanted to be a teacher

Post by mostakimvip04 » Wed Oct 26, 2022 4:11 am

However the rule of impressionism which characterizes the aesthetics of our days is also followed in this case. We want more and bigger of everything as if we are all possessed by starvation syndrome and mass myopia. After all even the sizes of souvenir photos from X which were usually years ago hopefully reached X and maybe in a few more years we will receive from the neighborhood photo studio a giant folder of memories measuring X centimeters. The Artist and the Thrill But what should a young photographer who wants to quite logically pave a path to success really do Because it may be easy to criticize what fashion seductively suggests but difficult to resist and even more difficult to counterpropose.

Before any other consideration he should accept e-commerce photo editing that he decides and is responsible for his work. And that he must be beyond all fashion. As well as that what he loves from the past is present for him and that he has no obligation to shape per decade in fact an original artistic language. He has been wondering about this for a while just before his death. He should also ask himself what success means to him. Not for society. And to know that successes of different content are rarely achieved with the same movement. Usually one success is the enemy of the other. Also understand that when art is put in the service of an ideology even if that ideology is about the art itself then usually the ideology and history benefit at the expense of the artwork. And finally to treat photography and its language with the abstraction and purity that music as art demands.


Where all thoughts titles messages become unfathomable sounds. If he discovers and learns to handle a photographic language where everything is obvious but suggestive like sound and everything abstract but absolute like notes then perhaps his work will acquire originality and power. When teenage scrapbooks had questions like if you weren't who you are what would you want to be I always had a hard time answering. I never knew what I was or what I wanted to be. But I think that over the years I realized that I am and I from the beginning. That I teach photography is secondary. I could teach anything I know. What moves me is the twoway communication between student and teacher. A relationship each time different marked by the idiosyncrasies of the protagonists.

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