The result is a clever or witty

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The result is a clever or witty

Post by mostakimvip07 » Sat Oct 29, 2022 6:17 am

After all the main distinction for me is between those I love and others. Or between creators and craftsmen. Or between the liars and the honest. However highlighting the differences and levels of value helps in understanding appreciating and ultimately enjoying their work. Very great directors are able to start from their own world and go beyond it. They are beyond sincerity verisimilitude observation or feeling. They speak to us like teachers or like confessors. Good directors are again able to move us with the testimony of their lives and make us communicate with them like good friends. We need both teachers and friends so we need both great and good directors.

One needs to understand the difference in weight between e-commerce photo editing a director like Fellini or Visconti on the one hand and one like Scola or Olmi on the other to be able to love them all for what they are for what they are. offer for the special value of their speech. In order to understand the greatness of good directors one must learn to compare their films to others that while wellmade are unremarkable. There is nothing more disheartening and very often sad than watching a gathering of competent and conscientious actors in the service of a meaningless film. The root cause of this mediocrity is often due to the fact that most directors make movies before they think about why they make them.


Any simple story even a few minutes of a person's life is enough to make a movie. But this story must be transformed into a bridge that will connect the director his obsessions his sensibilities and his visions with the viewer. What can possibly give timelessness and universality to the work of a director is mainly the connection of the creator with his work. There are unfortunately countless times that I have suffered a wellmade film based on an idea that was no doubt chosen for its cinematic merits. The director obviously wanted to make a film and looked for and unfortunately found a subject that he considered suitable for that was original and impressive. Almost always in these cases film but not a good one.

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