If you are not satisfied with Human Emulator for some reason, you may apply for refund during 14 days from the moment of purchase. The refund will be made to the exact same account the purchase was made from.

Upon you contacting our customer support or sales department our first reaction will be an attempt to assist you with the product. This assistance may come as technical support or additional program use instructions. If you nevertheless believe that Human Emulator does not satisfy your requirements, you will be refunded.

Human Emulator will make a refund in several cases including but not limited to:

  • Client’s discontent regarding the product that cannot be settled even after extended technical support, additional instructions and fixes of issues specific for the client.
  • If it is stated that the purchase was made using fraudulent schemes or unsanctioned funds.
  • Fulfillment of claims of our bank or payment system partners (for example if a purchase was made using fake or stolen credit card).

Should you have any questions regarding Human Emulator refund policy please contact our sales department.